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The SAPS Kathu is investigating a murder and three counts of attemp-ted murder.
On Saturday 14 October 2017 at about midnight, an alleged altercation broke out between the male suspect (33) and four men between the ages of 18 and 21.
According to Captain Sergio Kock from the SAPS Corporate Communication office in Kimberley, it is further alleged that the suspect got into his bakkie and drove into the group of four men.
Two of the men were seriously injured and taken to hospital while the other two victims suffered minor injuries.
One of the victims, known as Alcardo Crew (20), later died in hospital.  Harry Kotze (33) was arrested and appeared in the Kathu Magistrates Court on Monday 16 October 2017 and the case was remanded to Friday 20 October 2017 for a bail determination.
The investigation continues.

A case of assault was opened at the SAPS Kathu police station after the EFF provin-cial interim leadership member  Shadreck Tlhaole was allegedly at-tacked at a community meeting held at Mapoteng (ward 5) in Kathu by the driver of the Gamagara municipali-ty’s mayor,  Tebogo Tshegang, on October 05, 2017.
The meeting was organised by the resident councillor Neo Magagane around 17:30.
The scuffle was triggered after the haphazard issuance of residential stands in the ward was raised where the ANC is alleged to be considering its members only using new registry.
According to the regional chairper-son of the Economic Freedom Fight-ers (EFF) and councillor Phenyo Ohentswe, when the question and answer session was granted to the floor, Mr Tlhaole raised his hand, possibly to question the skewed way of allocating stands on partisan lines.
Before he was given the chance, it is alleged he was labelled as a sell-
Magagane and the protocol driver of the team allegedly confronted him -  more like a charging bull - before he could utter a single word. The driver finally man-handled him.
Asked why the ANC members were irked by the raising of Mr Tlha-ole’s hand in a community meeting, a myriad of assumptions were raised to the effect that pertinent questions were in the offing that would indeed not be in favour of the ANC officials' standpoint.
Secondly, it's alleged that the in-tention was to frustrate Tlhaole so he would leave the meeting premature-ly, however he remained adamant until he was given the chance to speak.
As he was putting questions ac-ross, he was cut short by the council-lor, alleging that they could not be quizzed by a corrupt individual who had advocated for ten residential stands to an individual.
After the meeting Mr Tlhaole open-ed a case at the police station. The official lost his cellphone during the scuffle.
out on the basis of defecting from the ANC party a year ago.
In the presence of the mayor councillor Edwin Hantise, councillor Magagane and the protocol driver of the team allegedly confronted him -  more like a charging bull - before he could utter a single word. The driver finally man-handled him.
Asked why the ANC members were irked by the raising of Mr Tlha-ole’s hand in a community meeting, a myriad of assumptions were raised to the effect that pertinent questions were in the offing that would indeed not be in favour of the ANC officials' standpoint.
Secondly, it's alleged that the in-tention was to frustrate Tlhaole so he would leave the meeting premature-ly, however he remained adamant until he was given the chance to speak.
As he was putting questions ac-ross, he was cut short by the council-lor, alleging that they could not be quizzed by a corrupt individual who had advocated for ten residential stands to an individual.
After the meeting Mr Tlhaole open-ed a case at the police station. The official lost his cellphone during the scuffle.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) notes the incident which took place in Ka-thu on Friday night 13 October 2017, where two young men from Kommagas were attacked by a man in a Nissan bakkie.
This is according to the DA's Member of the Provincial Legislature and Provincial Chairperson in the Northern Cape, Harold McGluwa.
While the exact circumstances of the
case are still unclear, it appears as though the attack was unprovoked and racially mo-tivated.
Mr McGluwa said that the Democratic Al-liance cannot condone racism or any racist actions of any kind. It is absolutely unac-ceptable that any person becomes a target because of the colour of his or her skin.
“We express our condolences to the fa-mily and loved ones of the young man who has passed away. We also send our well wishes for a full and speedy recovery to the second man, who has suffered serious in-juries. We will be visiting the families to show our sympathy and support.
Mr McGluwa also commended the SAPS for their quick attention to the matter, for their recovery of the vehicle used in the as-sault and the apprehension of the one sus-pect.

Op Vrydag 13 Oktober, het Hoërskool Gama-gara en Hoërskool Langeberg hul jaarlikse ma-triekafskeid aangebied. Leer-ders van die skole het aan die Kathu Gazette foto's gestuur van hoe deftige hulle gelyk het.

Leonie Hantise,
uitgevat in 'n
rok geskep deur
Glitzy Glam.

Group foto: Curro Kathu's new SRC for 2018 are in the back from left to right: Clio Vos, Osiame Motingwe, Demi MacVay and Kabelo Kgapola. In front from left to right: Nhlanhla Ncgobo, Tlotlomatso Ositang, Thabiso Moyo and Danelle Venter. Good luck to you all.

Vanaf 5 tot 7 Oktober het Hoër-skool Upington se o/15A-net-balspan aan die Nasionale Kampioenskappe in Vanderbijlpark deelgeneem. Die top 2 spanne uit elke provinsie het meegeding om die top-posisie in die land. Dit was 3 dae van baie opwinding en groot uitdagings vir die span.
Uppies bevind hulself in 'n sterk poel met onder andere Oranje Meisieskool, Affies, Rustenburg  en Paarl Girls High. Die span moes  hul eerste twee wedstryde op aksie netbalbane speel weens reën. Dit was 'n groot uitdaging omdat dit hul eerste wedstryd ooit op so 'n baan was. Om die uitdaging gro-ter te maak kom hul te staan teen Oranje Meisieskool van Bloemfontein. Soos ware Uppies het hulle die uit-daging met groot moed aangepak en as oorwinnaars uit die stryd getree. Die meisies het ware “Uppie guts” gewys en was halftyd gelykop teen Affies met 7 elk.  Uppies  wen vyf van hul agt poelwedstryde en kwalifiseer dan om uit te speel vir 'n posisie in die top 8 in die land. Na 3 dae se harde netbal eindig Uppies se O/15 netbalspan algeheel 8ste in die hele Suid-Afrika. Ons is geweldig trots op hierdie mooi prestasie.

Following the recent protest march in Postmasburg on Friday 15 Septem-ber 2017, the Save Tsantsabane Coalition (STC) in a media release noted the timeous responses of the three major mines targeted.
According to Alister Rodger Davids, spo-kesperson of the party, the responses have been tabled for scrutiny by the leadership of the STC, whereafter a response strategy will be formulated.
Mr Davids went on to explain that the STC's envisaged response strategy will hinge on five legs:
 Critical scrutiny of social and labour plans,             the Mining Charter commitments, corporate social investment, B-BBEE codes of good
practice and the Business Leadership South Africa's (BLSA's) pledge with South Africans, amongst others.
    Community feedback and mandating.
    Stakeholder engagement and the involvement of churches, civil society,
NGOs, CBOs, etc who care about the future of Tsantsabane.
    Legal consultation
    Tabling of agenda items for consideration at next council meeting.
Although the filing of responses within five days is seen as positive, the STC wishes to state that the response documents are gen-erally vague and void of meaningful feed-
back response to the specific demands rais-ed. The STC expects each and every stake-holder to propose a concrete programme of action on each and every aspect of their demands.
The STC generally agrees that a broad representative stakeholder forum or special task team be established to forge a sus-tainable and inclusive engagement traject-ory in the aftermath of the Friday 15 Sep-tember 2017 march. The party has, in partnership with the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) and civil society, launched a series of community feedback meetings to present the response documents of the mines to the community. They have also elected community representatives who will participate at the proposed broad represent-ative stakeholder forum or special task team.
The STC further wishes to register its dismay at the mines' attempts to try and demonise an otherwise legal and peaceful march. Although protesters were at times loud, vulgar and even impatient, as is the nature with events of such scale, their marshals went out of their way to calm the crowd.
The denial of access to ablution facilities to the elderly, women, etc, too infuriated the protestors. As indicated in an earlier press statement, the unnecessary prolonged wait
was doused with assistance of the public order police and STC and EFF marshalls.
The STC takes note of the criminal char-ges been laid and have already indicated to the South African Police Services (SAPS) their willingness to cooperate with any due process. However, in the same breath, they wish to caution the mines not to use criminal charges as some sort of negative pressure to frustrate a legitimate community cam-paign.
The STC acts on behalf of and is guided by the community's frustration of living on the doorstep of opportunity, but has been un-able to access such. When the STC said that they will intensify their campaign, they were serious. This should however not be con-strued as some kind of threat to anyone. The STC will not be intimidated with threats of legal action and interdicts. The STC remains a law-abiding political party and will apply legal methodology to heat up the atmos-phere. One way they could possibly intensify the campaign is by rolling out smaller, but more frequent demonstrations, with fifteen bodies or less. They do not need to give notice to the local authorities about a de-monstration, but as courtesy they informed the mines that there will be daily demonstra-tions.
The STC's constituency has been inform-ed about the ill-considered public violence cases pending and the STC's response will be based upon the community's input.
STC communication
for the mine man-agers led to the crowd becoming rowdy and this was doused with assistance of the public order police and STC and EFF marshalls.

The DA is celebrating phenomenal growth after its outright win of Gama-gara ward 7 during a by-election held in Kathu on Wednesday 20 September 2017.
According to Melinda Hattingh, the DA Constituency Head of Kalahari, the DA sup-port grew from 275 votes in the local govern-ment elections last year, to 402 votes on the day. The ANC won only 288 votes and the EFF 11 votes.
Ward 7 continues to be dogged by endless service delivery problems under the ANC-run Gamagara municipality. This, the DA believes, has motivated the people of the lo-cal community to lend their vote to the DA, who has proven time and time again that they care for the people and prioritise ser-vice delivery.
The DA's Hennie Fourie will take up the position of Ward Councillor. He replaces the late Shadrack Moreeng, who previously re-presented the DA in the ward.
Mr Fourie is dedicated and passionate about the community he is to serve and will not rest until he can see a more visible im-provement in the living conditions of the people of ward 7.barrows to residents of ward 7 by the mayor and the ANC ward candidate.
At the same time, the ANC's defeat comes despite the ANC's abuse of state resources in a desperate attempt to win additional votes. In this regard a SUV (with number plate CNR474NC) that is registered in the name of the Northern Cape Provincial Legi-slature, was seen being driven around by VIP Protection Service staff members, transporting ANC voters to and from the vo-ting station in Deben. According to the DA's count, the ANC secured at least 23 votes in this way.
Ms Hattingh confirmed that the DA will re-quest the Office of the Public Protector to investigate the abuse of legislature resour-ces by the ANC for party political gain at the expense of taxpayers.
Considering that the VIP Protection Ser-vices is a branch of the SAPS and that this service is meant to secure the protection of public representatives, not to be misused for party political purposes on the instruction of politicians, the DA will also report this abuse of police resources to the Independent Po-lice Investigative Directorate for investiga-tion.
The DA is confident that the result of this by-election clearly indicates that the people of the Northern Cape have grown tired of the corrupt, self serving and inefficient ANC and that they are hungry for change.
The DA will continue to work hard in the communities, as they have done in ward 7, to spread hope of a better future without the ANC, under a DA government. This is be-cause where the DA governs, they govern well and they have a track record to prove this, according to Ms Hattingh.

The National Union of Mine-workers (NUM) confirmed on Friday 22 September 2017 that 67 NUM members who staged a sit-in underground have resurfaced from underground at Petra Dia-monds Finsch Mine.
"We can confirm that all the mem-bers are out of the underground and that they are safe and one was taken to hospital by ambulance due to hy-pertension and that the other four complained that the medication that they took was not working," said Te-bogo Kgomongwe, NUM Finsch Mine Deputy Branch Secretary.
The branch leadership, NUM members and together with the re-gional leadership, are very pleased to report that they managed to bring out those comrades from under-ground, unharmed, with no discip-linary action to be taken against them, their jobs are safe and that the strike will still continue. The workers are still aggrieved as a result of the employer not showing interest in their demands as tabled," Mr Kgo-mongwe added.
Meanwhile, the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) members at Finsch Mine in Northern Cape have vowed to continue with their legal strike until Petra Diamonds address-
es their demands. The strike started on Monday afternoon 18 September 2017 after the employer failed to reach an agreement with the NUM.
Tebogo Kgomongwe, NUM Finsch Mine Deputy Branch Secretary, con-firmed that the issue is about the wages and other issues.
"We declared a wage dispute with the company and decided to go on strike on Monday afternoon. The strike is still going on. There are some members who are still under-ground since Monday. The mem-bers felt that if the company does not meet their demands they will remain underground. The total number of members who are underground is 67 and amongst them, there are also females, and those who take chronic medication, but the company has refused to allow us to take their medication underground," Mr Kgo-mongwe said.
"What angered the 67 members to refuse to come out of underground was when Petra Diamonds threaten-ed to withhold the bonuses that are due to be paid end of September. The company has also threatened to retrench them," he added.
The members of NUM demanded the following :
A 10% wage increase across the
board to be paid every month for three years.
A housing subsidy and living out allowance of R1500 to be paid every month for three years.
An increase of R1000 be paid to all employees who are part of the in-house medical aid scheme and 100% medical aid subsidy to em-ployees who do not belong to the in-house medical aid scheme.
Family responsibility leave to be increased from 3 to 5 days and 4 days must be fully paid and 1 unpaid.
Annual leave days to be increased from 19 to 21 days for Petra Dia-monds Ekapa and Koffiefontein ope-rations.
The pension fund must be in-creased from 7,5% to 9% per em-ployer's contribution.
Equal job value as per employ-ment equity act.
Various demands regarding long service awards.
The NUM Finsch Mine branch leadership was scheduled to have a press conference on Tuesday 26 September 2017 at the mine to update the media about the ongoing strike, however no further communi-cation was since received by the time the Kathu Gazette went to the printers.

The Vodacom Origins of Golf Tourna-ment was held at Sishen from 12 - 14 October with a full field of 119 players.
Hennie Du Plessis, on his 21st birthday, managed to win his first Sunshine Tour title at Sishen on the fourth play-off hole.
Du Plessis lead the field from the start, but the last day saw the golfers play in difficult windy conditions where mistakes could cost them the tournament.
Ockie Strydom played some great golf putting great pressure on Du Plessis and fi-nishing his round with a 5 under par 67.
Facing Du Plessis on the play-off, Strydom matched him shot for shot until Du Plessis holed a 50-foot putt for a birdie to claim his win.
When asked about his winning putt, he claimed he thought that he had hit it too hard, but having played from that position previously, he knew the line and claimed it was an awesome relief that the ball went in.
Congratulations Hennie!
See the Facebook page Kathu Golf Si-shen Community for more photos.

Dance Fever Studio se kompetisie-span het op 30 September tot 01 Oktober aan die Dance Star kom-petisie se kwalifiserende rondte in Kaap-stad deelgeneem. Leerders moes die nodige standaard toon ten einde te kwali-fiseer om aan die World Dance Masters in 2018 in Porec, Kroasië deel te neem.
Dance Fever Studio het 18 × 1ste plekke, 9 × 2de plekke, 3 × 3de plekke, 1 × 4de plek en 3 × 5de plekke behaal.
47 items het gekwalifiseer om aan die World Dance Master in Kroasië te gaan deelneem, waarvan 7 ook in die A-liga gekwalifiseer het.
Baie geluk aan elke danser wat só hard gewerk het ten einde hierdie prestasies te kon behaal. Die Junior en Senior Elite spanne sal dan in Mei 2018 saam met die Suid-Afrikaanse span na Kroasië toer waar daar teen 32 ander lande meegeding sal word. 

On Sunday 8 October, the ABSA Golf Day took place at the Sishen Golf Course in Kathu . The winners of this event with 104 points are: Bertus Trichard, Francois Mulder, Michelle Mulder and Maureen Trichard. Congratulations to the team and a big thanks to ABSA for sponsoring this day .

Huis Jan Vorster oorlede :

Mev. Anna Brunsdon (79) wat die afgelope twee jaar 'n inwoner van Huis Jan Vorster was, is oorlede. Mev. Brunsdon is in die Gariep Hospitaal in Kimberley opge-neem nadat sy eers 'n galblaas operasie ondergaan het maar later ook met ander inwendige organe probleme ondervind het. 

Mev. Brunsdon laat vier kinders agter: Mev. Lynette Stander van Postmasburg, skool-hoof by die plaaslike Laerskool, mev. Desiré Lund van Beaufortwes, prof. Alfred Brunsdon van Lichtenburg en Bennie Brunsdon van die Kaap. Ook agt kleinkinders en drie agterkleinkinders. 

 'n Roudiens word Vrydag, 21 April 2017 om 14:00 by Huis Jan Vorster vir mev. Bruns-don gehou. 

Stryd teen kanker:

Mev. Amanda Calitz (58) wat 'n lang stryd teen kanker gehad het (wat ons periodiek oor berig het) is in die Gariep Hospitaal in Kimberley oorlede waar sy opgeneem is toe sy ernstige simptome ontwikkel het weens haar kankerprobleem. Mev. Calitz het haar eerste operasie in April 2012 on-dergaan nadat kolonkanker gediagnoseer is. Sy het sedertdien gereelde behandeling ondergaan; ook nadat daar in 2016 ver-spreiding gediagnoseer is. Amanda was 'n sersant-majoor in die Weermag op Lohat-lha. Hulle het in Februarie 2017 na Da-niëlskuil verhuis omdat familie wat daar woon behulpsaam kon wees. 

 Mev. Calitz laat drie kinders agter asook 'n suster en skoonsuster in Daniëlskuil. 

 'n Roudiens word op Saterdag 22 April 2017 om 11:00 in die NG. Kerk op Post-masburg vir mev. Calitz gehou. 

 Aan die familie en vriende van mev. Anna Brunsden en mev. Amanda Calitz ons diepe meegevoel met die heengaan van geliefdes wie se plekke in hegte familie-verbintenisse nou groot leemtes laat. Mag Hy u metgesel wees in hierdie hartseer tye.

Mev. Emma Marais van Springbokstraat Postmasburg wat eers in die intensiewe sorgeenheid in Upington was met 'n bynier-probleem en later na die Gariep Hospitaal in Kimberley oorgeplaas is, is weer tuis na-dat die medikasie en behandeling in Kimberley suksesvol verloop het.  Na verneem word is sy swak maar maak goeie vordering.

Mnr. Dawid Swanepoel van Vleistraat Postmasburg wat in die Gariep Hospitaal was waar 'n gewas verwyder is, is ook tuis en die goeie nuus is dat die gewas geen gevaar inhou nie. 

 Mnr Theo Coetzee van Houtstraat  Postmasburg is ook tuis maar is nog onge-steld. Hy gaan weer in die dae vir toetse en vir 'n opvolg ondersoek na die Gariep Hospitaal in Kimberley. 

Matthew 6:6 NIV “But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.”
Prayer is intimate communication with our Father in heaven. The Lord invites us all to pray and we are urged to pray with-out ceasing.
Jesus also frequently prayed. We read in Luke 6:12 ”One of those days Jesus went out to a mountainside to pray, and spent the night praying to God.”
We must be careful not to pray with selfish motives, but to pray according to the will of God. Our prayers should also be offered in faith. Through our prayers God can bring about revival and change can come in our circumstances.
John Wesley wrote : “God does nothing on the earth save in answer to believing prayer.”
It is important to honour God in our prayers and acknowledge His sovereign-ty.
James 5:16 Ampl “......The earnest (heartfelt, continued) prayer of a right-eous man makes tremendous power available (dynamic in its working).”

Ons Vader stel nie net belang in ons geestelike lewe nie, maar in ons hele menswees. In ons eenheid met Christus is dit God se begeerte dat Sy kinders vrolik moet wees en die goeie van die lewe wat Hy hier op aarde vir ons gee, geniet. In Prediker 3:13 staan geskryf dat om die goeie van die lewe te geniet n gawe van God is. Ons kan die saamwees met familie en vriende geniet. Geniet die lieflike natuur om ons, uitstappies, goeie musiek, om n mooi boek te lees en om n stokperdjie te beoefen. Miskien is jou huwelik somber. In Pred. 9:9 lees ons: “ Geniet die lewe met die vrou wat jy liefhet, al die dae van jou nietige lewe wat Hy jou gegee het onder die son -....” Geniet ons dit om die Here te dien en te eer? Jesus vermaan ons in Matt. 6:16 om byvoor-beeld nie met n lang gesig te vas soos die skynheiliges nie. By eredienste is ons dikwels baie ernstig en glimlag skaars. Ons behoort dit te geniet om as gelowiges saam die Here te aanbid. Besluit vandag om elke oomblik die lewe te geniet wat God jou gee.


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The South African Defence Force and the US army 101 Airborne Divisions executed a joint military exercise at the South African Army Combat Training Centre at Lohatla from 17 July to 04 August.
The exercise was based on a scenario where a combined RSA and US task group conducted peace support and intervention operations under the United Nations chapter 7 mandate.
The US army exercised a strategic lift by means of sea, air and road movement and the SANDF exercised road movement sup-port and replenishment.
The shared accord included a small arms firing, range mortar firing, javelin laser
guided short range missile and 84 mm rockets. Obstacle clearance by means of explosives and TOW missiles could not be viewed due to strict safety regulations.
All the objectives with regard to the exercise of the field training were reached with the aim to enable the joint staffs to co-ordinate the next phase and field training exercise to its fullest capacity.
This is a more robust mandate whereby belligerent forces are forced to disengage and to discontinue the armed conflict within the region of the exercise area in Lohatla.
 The closure was on 3 August during the official parade which was presided over by Major General Joseph P Harrington who is based in Vincenza, Italy.

Local poet releases a book

Adelaide January, a young poet from Seoding village in Kuruman released a book titled Mending Broken Pieces. She started writing at the age of 16 years old.

She completed matric at Wrenchville High School and obtained a Certificate in Wholesale and Retail Management. Currently she is studying towards a Diploma in Public Relations.

In 2003, she established an organization called Kurara Wordsmiths (KWS) which aims to provide a platform to poets and writers in and around Kuruman. Kurara Wordsmiths have an annual event that allows them to share their talent.

Her greatest achievement includes being one of the Mail & Guardian’s 200 Young South Africans 2016 for making an impact in her community.

Mending Broken Pieces is a prose and poetry book that consist of eleven poems, mostly written in the English language with some parts of the work in Setswana. It took her two years to publish this book as it is very close to her heart and is all about what she is passionate about.

Adelaide is inspired by her surroundings and social issues within her community. Her role model is Lebo Mashile, who is a well-known international and national poet and television personality.

Adelaide’s advice to upcoming writers and poets is : “Keep writing, equip yourself and polish your talent and technique by attending workshops and showcasing at various events.”